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Introducing UA Tagsbuster: Streamline your Google Tag Manager Container

July 2, 2024

Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics were both released in 2012. Over the years, GTM containers have accumulated numerous tags, triggers, and variables. However, with the final sunset of Universal Analytics on June 30th, 2024, many of these elements may no longer serve a meaningful purpose and should be reviewed for cleanup or migration to other analytics solutions.”

That’s why we’ve just launched a new tool here at Analytics Debugger: UA Tagsbuster.

We’ve introduced a new tool, UA Tagsbuster, designed to streamline the process of identifying Universal Analytics or Google Analytics Classic tags within your container. Beyond that, it also scans for any references to legacy API calls in other tags, ensuring not only the removal of specific tags but also any additional ones used for tracking purposes. The tool provides a comprehensive overview of references to _gaq, ga(), and GoogleAnalyticsObject, allowing you to review the relevant code lines effortlessly.

But we didn’t stop there. UA Tagsbuster also analyzes all referenced variables, triggers, and event variables used within triggers, empowering you to efficiently remove any GTM entity that is no longer necessary.

Once you’ve selected the tags you want to remove, the tool will generate an JSON export file. You can import this file into a new workspace, allowing you to conduct a final QA on the cleaned-up container before publishing it. This is highly recomended, in any case Google Tag Manager should alert of any missing reference when you preview the new workspace.

You can find to tool in the following url: